Bamberger Ranch Preserve: A man fulfilling a personal dream

Bamberger Ranch Preserve, located in Blanco County, Texas, is a powerful story of love and conservation. J. David Bamberger sought to realize a dream of land conservation, and in 1969 went looking for the worst piece of ranch land in the Texas Hill Country. J. David was inspired by author Louis Bromfield, who published a memoir in 1945 about restoring a run-down farm back to health and beauty. J. David has dedicated the past 50+ years to restoring this run-down 5500 acre ranch to a model of health, winning numerous awards along the way. The story of Bamberger Ranch has been the subject of two books – “Water From Stone: The Story of Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve” and “Seasons At Selah: The Legacy of Bamberger Ranch Preserve;” along with numerous videos documenting the extraordinary restoration and lessons learned from this amazing achievement. Soil for Water is privileged to include Bamberger Ranch Preserve in it’s program.

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