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ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture
Soil Health Resources

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Managing Soils for Water: How Five Principles of Soil Health Support Water Infiltration and Storage
By Martin Guerena and Rex Dufour, NCAT Agriculture Specialists
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The Scene of the Grime
by Nicole Masters of Integrity Soils
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Reading the Land
An Essential Skill for the Land Steward
By Steve Nelle
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ATTRA – Sustainable Agriculture Program 

The National Center for Appropriate Technology’s ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture program is a trusted and accessible resource for farmers and ranchers. Producers need practical information on sustainable and organic agriculture, how to get started in farming, how to qualify for government programs that value land stewardship and resource conservation, and how to pursue such profitable niche markets as organic meats and grains or agriculture tourism.  

The ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture program has built a trusted knowledge base over the last 30 years on everything from livestock, horticulture and agronomy to organic farming, marketing, and farm energy. This multimedia knowledge base is available free online at ATTRA.NCAT.ORG, and our agriculture specialists are always available to provide one-on-one technical assistance. To access our FREE technical assistance: 

  • Call ATTRA at 800-346-9140 (English) or 800-411-3222 (Spanish) 
  • Email or text your questions to 
  • Submit questions through our website chat box  

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AgriSolar Clearinghouse

The AgriSolar Clearinghouse is a nationwide hub developed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology to connect businesses, landowners, and researchers with trusted resources to support the growth of co-located solar and sustainable agriculture, also known as agrivoltaic development.  

By 2030, solar installations are expected to cover more than 3 million acres of land in the United States. Today, most of those installations sit on top of stripped, single-use land. Expanding agrivoltaics on solar-appropriate lands will allow agricultural and solar producers to maximize the use of land, increasing pollinator habitat, diversifying ecosystem services, and increasing revenue.  

NCAT’s team of energy engineers and sustainable agriculture specialists, along with a national network of partners, developed the Clearinghouse to facilitate peer-to-peer networks, engage stakeholders, and provide individualized technical assistance. 


Armed to Farm 

Armed to Farm is a sustainable agriculture training program for military veterans. The National Center for Appropriate Technology, a national nonprofit organization based in Butte, Montana, developed Armed to Farm through a cooperative agreement with USDA-Rural Development.  

Since launching in 2013, Armed to Farm has supported more than 800 veterans from 45 states with hands-on and classroom learning opportunities. Farmer veterans learn how to make a business plan and market their products, how to access USDA programs, set business goals, and develop mentorships with seasoned farmers. 

The weeklong flagship training also features farm tours and hands-on activities at a variety of successful farms. Participants learn from seasoned farmers and gain direct experience on livestock, vegetable, fruit, and agritourism operations.

Learn more about Armed to Farm training opportunities at ARMEDTOFARM.ORG.

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