Birdwell & Clark: A couple on a mission to regenerate

Birdwell and Clark Ranch, a stocker operation, is a 11,700-acre ranch of tall grass prairie, river bottoms and brushy draws located in north central Texas in Clay County. Emry Birdwell studied under Allan Savory in the 1980s learning the benefits of holistic management. Deborah Clark is a HMI Certified Educator. The knowledge of grazing and passion for the land held between Emry and Deborah makes the Birdwell and Clark ranch a unique regenerative agriculture operation that has received national notoriety.

Deborah speaks regularly at conferences such as the Regenerate Conference put on by the Quivira Coalition, Holistic Management, and The American Grass-fed Association. They have also participated in Executive Link an arm of Ranching for Profit. Emry and Deborah are a dynamic duo as you can see in the Soil Carbon Cowboy video at the bottom of this story.

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