Webinar: Regenerative Ag. Mentoring Program Introduction

A new program to help ranchers implement regenerative ag practices is now taking applications for two new groups starting soon in Central and East Texas.

The Regenerative Ag. Mentoring Program (RAMP) is a year-long business coaching opportunity to help ranchers increase profitability and reduce stress while improving soil health and regenerating the land. Participants will join like-minded producers in a regional network, facilitated by land management professionals, to mastermind creative business solutions for better results.

Holistic Management International, in collaboration with NCAT’s Soil for Water initiative, is bringing this program to Central Texas and East Texas. Join NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Kara Kroeger, HMI Program Director Kathy Harris, and Certified Educators Peggy Sechrist, Christine Martin, and Lauri Cellela, as they explain how this program can help you accelerate your ranch business success!

RAMP participants will be part of a regional peer group of ranchers who are dedicated to improving profit, land health, productivity, and their family’s quality of life. Each member will get individual consulting and ongoing monthly support throughout the year. Facilitated group meetings will harness the power of teamwork to optimize each member’s progress. These meetings will help you identify, prioritize, and apply management practices to get real results and meet your goals.

Click this link to register for the webinar.

For any other questions please contact Kara Kroeger by phone at 479-587-3479 or by email at karak@ncat.org.

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