Pasture Restoration and Monitoring Workshop

An Introduction to Ecosystem Function and Monitoring

NCAT, in collaboration with Holistic Management International, Black Gold Resources, and 100 Ranchers, presents an educational workshop at the S3 Legacy Ranch. Pasture erosion is the result of soil not held in place by plants and their roots. Wind and rain can wash that bare soil away, taking pasture function and profit with it. We will discuss how to use water, energy, and mineral cycles, along with community dynamics, to regenerate and improve degraded pastures. We will also demonstrate the ins and outs of easy-to-use monitoring methods to assess changes in your pasture through planned adaptive grazing and other restoration strategies.

  • Learn the four fundamental ecological processes necessary for healthy pastures
  • Learn how to apply soil health principals to improve pasture productivity
  • Acquire five monitoring strategies to determine pasture transitions
  • Learn to identify the key areas to monitor on your land
  • Network with fellow graziers in your area

Call 479-587-3479 or email to register.

This event is free. Light snacks will be provided