Learn your Pasture Forage Workshop

Afternoon Welcome 1:00 PM-1:15 PM

• Facilitated by Kara Kroeger, Peggy Sechrist, and Kathy Harris

HMI’s ReGen Ag Mentoring Program (RAMP) 1:15 PM-2:15 PM

• Facilitated by Kathy Harris, Christine Martin, and Lori Celella

• HMI’s ReGen Ag Mentoring Program provides new and experienced producers the opportunity to accelerate their production practices through small (6-8 people) peer-to-peer learning groups, one-on-one consulting, and incorporating regenerative agriculture practices. RAMP will help you improve land health, increase profitability, and enjoy less stress. Production changes can seem perilous, but we can help you understand and reduce the risk so that you may enjoy the financial rewards. RAMP groups will meet in person 2-4 times over the course of a year. You will also benefit from a personalized consult with an HMI Certified Educator on your farm or ranch to help identify top priorities to address and design a low-cost management practice to trial. Additionally, monthly support via phone and email keeps you on target with your production and financial goals. Join us to learn more about this business-changing opportunity to improve your quality of life and your bottom-line.

Networking Break 2:15 PM-2:30 PM

Understanding your Pasture Forage with Botanist Bill Carr and NRCS Soil Scientist Travis Waiser 2:30 PM-4 PM

• Facilitated by Bill Carr and Travis Waiser

• Bill Carr is a noted field botanist, who works with the Soil for Water initiative to identify plant species on our research trials. Bill has worked on plant inventories, surveys and protection efforts for Texas Parks and Wildlife (Natural Heritage Program), the Nature Conservancy of Texas, and his own firm, Acme Botanical Services. He has collected more than 37,000 plant specimens, with more than 15,000 catalogued at the herbarium at the University of Texas at Austin, to improve the understanding of plant distributions across the Southwest.

• Travis Waiser is a Soil Scientist with the Natural Resource Conservation Service in Kerrville, TX. He has been a key player in the Soil for Water initiative by helping pull soil samples for analysis for our research trials and educating landowners and other participants on soil health.

• Bill and Travis will show us how to identify a number of grasses and forbs from the Central Texas region and discuss the forage value they provide to different types of livestock. Travis will also demonstrate how to collect forage and manure samples for analysis.

To register for this event please contact Kara Kroeger at karak@ncat.org or 479-587-3479. Space is limited.