Survey: Help Us Build a Website that Works for You

Building on a successful peer-to-peer network of ranchers who are implementing innovative grazing techniques to improve soil health and increase profitability, the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) is scaling up its Soil for Water project and we need your input.

The Soil for Water project is all about supporting and connecting producers who are learning to catch and hold more water in their soil.

Thanks to new funding from the National Resource Conservation Service and Southern SARE, we’re expanding beyond Texas and into New Mexico, Colorado, and California. Commercial livestock producers in all these states are now invited to join our peer-to-peer learning network. By late summer we’ll be open for business in Arkansas, Montana, Mississippi, and Virginia. And by early 2022 we’ll be ready to welcome crop or livestock producers from anywhere in the country.

Membership is free, comes with some nice perks, such as product discounts, free technical assistance, and members-only events, and is open to all who want to take full advantage of the water-cycling power of healthy soil. For more information, or to join the network, visit SOILFORWATER.ORG.

Here’s where we need your input. We have big plans to redesign a website with your needs in mind. We want to build a producer forum, success stories from around the country, and other unique multimedia features. We want to create a place where you can find trusted, practical information—by and for producers who are trying regenerative methods that improve soil health and the profitability of their operations. No hype, just true help.

We’d like your help in creating this new platform. Please click here to take a brief survey. Tell us what you want, keep us on track, and help us build a website and a network that meets your needs.