Kathy Harris

Kathy Harris is Program Director and Professional Certified Educator for Holistic Management International, where she works with a global community of educators to help farmers and ranchers regenerate our lands, revitalize the economic integrity of their businesses and communities, and improve their personal well-being. She embraced Holistic Management principles in the late 1990’s to rapidly transition her young family from a hi-tech life in the suburbs to a more self-sufficient lifestyle on a small family farm. Her passion for health, nutrient dense food, and biodiversity led to raising dairy cows and goats; grass-fed and finished beef and lamb; chickens, ducks, and turkeys for eggs and meat; honeybees; nut and fruit trees and berries; and vegetables. Study of Holistic Management opened her eyes to the connections and relationships in nature and a fascination with soil, plant, animal and human biology and energy. Thus began her journey of 20 years of field experimentation with composting, compost extracts, Effective Microbes, paramagnetic rock/dust, and making soft and hard cheeses, sourdoughs, Lacto-ferments, and probiotic brews (Kombucha and kefir).