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Land Management

Keep the soil covered

Minimize soil disturbance

Increase Biodiversity

Continual Live Plant/Live Root


Soil for Water builds on the five soil health principles as the foundation of everything we do:

  • We seek out and support landowners who want to try new ways of bringing depleted soils back to life.
  • We provide expert assistance with livestock integration: using grazing animals to build soil health.
  • We monitor changes and improvements over time: in soils, vegetation, and other living things and processes.
  • We offer hands-on workshops with leaders in the emerging science of soil health.
  • We create publications, videos, and other educational resources about soil health and the water and mineral cycles.
  • We build networks of landowners who are interested in learning from each other.

Our core values: We are curious, collaborative, transparent, respectful, honest, trustworthy, helpful, communicative, accountable, inclusive, co-creative, open minded, and Fun!! Click on the icons below to learn more about how you can improve the health of your land.